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Affiliate Program

www.bavarian-shopping-mall.com welcomes websites to join our affiliate program.

The basic bonus: We will pay 5% sales commission (or even more if you check step 3 / First option) on all referred sales on a monthly basis to you. We do not just talk about an link exchange (what we can also do), we will sell products over your website and thus get a win-win situation for both of us.

E-mail us at Michael@bavarian-shopping-mall.com

and we will provide you with our affiliate program information material. ( pictures, prices, order codes etc. ).

It is quite simple and here is how it works:

1. Together we can discuss which products or departments work best for your website or your recent assortment. To get an idea about them just browse through our website and make up your mind about what you can sell best over your website.

2. After we agreed a starter package we will provide you with pictures, the prices and all the additional information you need. You can display the products on your website and tease them like they are yours. Your benefit will be: You do not have to care about the products or pay them before you get them in stock. You can do business with products you even do not have.

3. If a customer wants to buy one of those items - you have two choices to go on. You have to decide if you want to deal with the customer or if you want to hand us over the customer. First option: Let the customer buy the product like it would be yours. You can than buy the product from us for a certain price we fixed before. So you know your profit form the scratch. We will ship it directly to you. After receiving the product you start with your sales process. For sure it will take more time than you got the product in stock - but the customer will understand it if he gets it for a very attractive price. A good note is always "Direct import from Germany" The affiliate program stops here. Your margin will be the difference between the product price you sell it over your website and the costs while ordering it over us. Second option: You post below the product a short notice to inform the customer how he gets this deal done. Display a certain code under each product. Please go ahead to step 4 to 8.

4. You link the customer to our platform. Tell him that he needs a password( prvided from us exclusively for you ) to get the product for a better price. After he places his order over our platform he gets a copy of the order via email. Probably the price of the item will be higher than on your website. All the customer have to do is telling you that he was linked over your website to oursī and sent you the copy of the order.

5. Just send us this order via email and make a notice in the header that this order is a password order over your platform. After receiving the customer order and your order with the same order number including the password, the customer can purchase the product over our platform for the price that you promoted it on your website. Receiving this password-order we will only charge the promoted price of the product on your website.

6. You will get a 5% bonus (except shipping & handling costs) on all the items, which are bought with this password order program over our platform. Don't forget - form the customer's point of view , she/he has/have to send you the order to activate the better price.

7. We will credit your bonus each month.

8. We do all the shipping, handling and insurance. You do not care about the whole thing. Once you have set-up this affiliate program you can sit back & start earning!! It really is that quick & easy, so what are you waiting for?

We are looking forward to start with you a new affiliate partnership.