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Lederhosen & Dirndls
Widely held, the traditional cloth of Bavarians are often reduced to the two keywords "Lederhosen" and "Dirndl", but there is much more to say about that. First, you can not say that there exists a traditional Lederhosen or Dirndl. Both do exist in a great variety and differ from region to region or even by occasions. So there are the winter and summer Dirndls, the Dirndl for everyday or the special ones for sundays or festivals like Christmas. They also differ regarding how many pieces you put on.
Leather pants

You can have Dirndls which are complete in one piece or which come with a blouse and the typical aprons. And finally the biggest difference - the specific characteristics in every region, which comes through certain colours, hats and embroideries on the apron. This principle can be transfered on the Lederhosen as well. The best place for a man to express his background or your membership is the embroidery on the suspenders.

Historicalyl the Dirndl was the typical dress of the female peasantry, like the peasant's wives, the farm girls and the dairymaids as work clothes. The apron of the Dirndl was designed mostly practical and suitable for everyday life. Formerly, the Dirndl was called "G'wand" (don´t try to pronounce it, sometimes it´s even hard for natives).

The Lederhosen was on the other side simply the working trouser for the male peasantry and underwent nearly the same development like the Blue jeans in the USA.

dirndls , lederhosen
During the last century the so-called "high society" and thus the industry discovered the Dirndl and the Lederhosen as a fashionable suit. Now people were able to wear them for fashion, have not to be anxious getting promptly stamped as poors. This circumstance was responsible that these two major topics of the Bavarian history managed to survive until today and has even developed since.

Most dirndl models are made today by small middle class family businesses around Bavaria and Austria. You can find models done in large and in very small numbers - thus the price range varies between $ 200 up to even $ 2000. Mostly there are dirndl models for ladies and for girls.
A good Lederhosen is not cheaper than a good dirndl, so you can spend also the same price range for the Lederhosen you want.

To make a Bavarian outfit complete, regardless male or female, you have to add a hat, socks, a nice shirt or blouse and last but not least a jacket. All these parts are typically equipped with nice staghorn buttons or embroideries of typical scenes or motives like flowers or wanderer shoes.
girls in dirndls

Here at www.bavarian-shopping-mall.com you will find all the things you are looking for, to make an outfit complete. Our focus for this year lies on children outfits. We will expand our program next year to the adult area. But if you have right now questions about adult outfits, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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